Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change


The Land of OZ, Days 2 - 3

Day 2 (GPE)

Problems, con't:

  • Due to suggestion in OZ wiki, set / partition to 150M; filled almost immediatly w/ files in /usr/lib (while installing gxine or something). Since busybox's find doesn't support the -maxdepth or -exec flags, got sizes of subdirs of a given folder with:

     $ alias dirsize='alias ls=ls;for f in `ls`; do du $f -sh; done'

  • Gxine dies in fullscreen mode; no sound. Found a note about alsamixer, but haven't tested that out on GPE yet.

  • Sylpheed doesn't start (probably due to lack of disk space, as per above)

  • No backup/restore - but I should be able to run rsync

Day 2 (OPIE)

Decided to try OPIE for comparison. Wasn't any better - in fact, I found it worse.

  • Gaim won't work; Gaim-Sametime won't install (missing dependency)

  • XMMS - no sound / won't play; Opie Media Player - won't play MP3

  • Eligo, ZSolitaire won't work

  • No way to resize/rotate games when really small
  • No way to change ugly default opie background
    • Update: Use Settings > Launcher > Tabs > (pick a tab) > Edit > Image > Select...
  • No way to set alphanumeric PIN for password protection (numeric only)
  • No card management applet in task tray
  • No volume applet in task tray

  • Appearance crashed

  • After reboot, sound works in XMMS and OpiePlayer, but no volume control, except by running alsamixer in a terminal.

Day 3 (GPE)

Gave up on OPIE after a day; tried CackoROM (SL-C3200-Qtopia-1.23-2125070506) but it wouldn't boot; after two tries I decided to go back to GPE. Could have been a problem with SD card being ext2; could have been a problem w/ paritions on hda (ext2 vs. ext3, ext2 vs vfat). Not sure.

  • Installed rsync on zaurus (already on desktop); worked great - used this script (running on to do the synching; will add to crontab later:
    cd /home/nickb/zaurus/BACKUP; 
    for f in etc home usr; do 
      rsync -rv zaurus:/$f .; 

  • Solved problem reported earlier about being unable to copy & paste in terminal window: use xmonobut applet!
    • tap once to activate middle button (paste)
    • tap again to activate right button (select?)
    • tap third to revert to left button

    So to copy/paste text in terminal:

    • select text to copy,
    • tap xmonobut applet icon once,
    • tap in terminal to paste at cursor location, then
    • tap twice to reset to left button.