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Eclipse Photoshop Challenge: "Better Than MovieOS", Part 2: Teaser

There are just under 26 hours left to get in your submissions for the "Better Than MovieOS" Photoshop Challenge, but we've already gotten some great submissions.

We'll be announcing the winners early next week, as well as details on the next contest which will run though January 12, 2009. Details to follow. 'Till then, here's a teaser:

Play For Schwag

Anybody searching for action?
Anything to fill your empty wardrobe, yeah
Any place you've got a 'puter
Any takers wanna submit their designs?

With the fire and lightning shooting from your hands
And creativ'ty written 'cross your eyes
Your itchy fingers on a cordless mouse there
Your passion's hot and this contest's taking flight

Inside the convention
The cover charge's free for accepted talks
Now, I hear you screaming out for mercy
Last submission standing wins the fight

Too late and you'll be out, nothing you can do
Contest's done 12th January

Over the holidays
When you've got some free time
It's time to play because ya know Eclipse is you

If you win this time, you'll be the champion
And get a prize, HA, that's just impossible!

Do you play for keeps? Do you play for Eclipse?
Do you play to win? Do you play cuz it's fun?
Or play for schwag?

Megadeth - Play For Blood