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Eclipse Photoshop Challenge: "Better Than MovieOS"

Back in June, we ran a contest to challenge the Eclipse community to photoshop some movie-themed posters to promote Ganymede.

This time, I'd like to propose a different challenge.

  • What: An opportunity to show your Photoshoppin' / GIMPin' skillz. Top five community-voted submissions will win Eclipse schwag.
  • When: Now through mid-November.
  • Why: Because Eclipse is better than MovieOS.
  • Who: Anyone with some free time to burn.
  • Where: On your blog, or attached to bug 252135.

So, what should you design? The rules are simple. Take a still frame from a movie or TV show, and replace the MovieOS with a screenshot of an Eclipse IDE running your favourite plugins, an RCP or SWT application, or even a mobile OSGi app.

Some links to get you started:

Some examples:


Benjamin Cabé said...

Groovy! I'm in! :-D

pookzilla said...

Love the Zim. :)

Anonymous said...

I am in too with Homer here: