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Request For Comment: The End Of SDO?

Four months ago, I started a discussion about simplifying the EMF download experience. Consensus appears to be that we should keep the EMF-SDO-XSD "All-in-one" SDK zip, perhaps more.

Now, a new proposal is in the works: removing SDO from the EMF build, and from this year's coordinated release, Galileo. The source would still be in CVS, but we'd stop providing SDO binaries. This would also mean the much-loved* EMF-SDO-XSD "All-in-one" SDK zip would be renamed to EMF-XSD "All-in-one" SDK, but would otherwise continue as is.

For more on this topic see:

EMF 2.5 - Simplified Downloads (bug 240223)
Remove SDO from Galileo (bug 251402)
Consider improvements to the termination process (bug 249408)

To voice your opinion, please post your feedback in any or all of the three bugs linked above.