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SOC Backronym Madness

As Wayne reports in this post, we have a minor trademark problem with the "new" SOC technology project at Eclipse.

So, to help define a good backronym, I've composed this list of Some Options to Consider...

  • Students' Outstanding Code
  • Students Of Consequence
  • Seeking Optimal Code
  • Selfless Open-source Committers
  • Students as Open-source Committers
  • Students Opting for Cash
  • Spiffy Opportunity for Cash
  • Somewhat Organizationally Chaotic (!)
  • Source: Open? Cool.

Or, we could just trademark it as "Eclipse SOC", and never define what "SOC" actually stands for, a la GWAR.

We could also just rebrand, like Mylar/Mylyn did:

  • SOSC: "Summer Of Student Committers"
  • SPOCK: "Summer Projects Of Code Kids"
  • SOCK: "Summer Of Coding Keeners"
  • SPORK: "Some Projects Of Real Keeners"

Too bad 'Ed The Sock' ("Eclipse Development That Harnesses Eager Summer Of Code Kids") is probably already trademarked. ;-)