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Road Trip, Day One

The drive to Charlemont was uneventful, though we unfortunately left about an hour later than planned, and got stuck in contruction and long weekend traffic just getting out of Toronto. Once we got to the 1000 Islands bridge, the border took no more than 20 mins to get in and through.

I was a little worried about having to drive over a US bridge after the recent news about the bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed this week, but we were over in no time, and ready for the next southbound leg of the trip. By 8pm we were in Albany, and by 10:15pm SWMNBN had managed to navigate the Scenic Mohawk Trail (aka Route 2) in the pitch dark...

... to find our B&B, the lovely Warfield House Inn.

Thankfully, people were still up in both the inn and restaurant and we were able to check in to the 'penthouse' suite on the top floor of the house -- a beautiful room with two skylights, private bathroom, and oh-so-comfortable bed -- which was unfortunately also stifling 90 degrees. With all four windows open and the AC cranked, it got down to a tolerable temperature in no time, and it was time for sleep: rafting tomorrow!