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Notes 7: Crash Different

Like a fool I spent 30 mins composing a detailed email this afternoon in Notes, including colour, font styles, and tables. Why a fool? Because any time I'm busy doing something in a java-heavy application and haven't saved it lately, it dies. I just have this gift, apparently. Anyway, tout à coup and as if on cue, Notes died on me. I couldn't edit, save, or exit. I could however see my wallpaper. Go, go, gadget UI thread!

Glacial Potholes in Shelburne Falls, MA, as seen through Notes 7

It was time to zap Notes and restart. Amazingly, I only lost a few minutes worth of editing. Why?

File > Lotus Notes Preferences > User Preferences ... >       Basics > [x] AutoSave every [n] minutes

I didn't know Notes had this feature, but I was very glad to discover it there today. Notes 7 may still crash fairly often on me, but at least it's made the experience less painful than before.