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Using Hudson for parallel Athena builds

This week I set up a multi-configuration Hudson job to try doing EMF's Query, Validation, and Transaction projects as a single job (instead of the traditional three linked jobs), then Bernd took over to do most of the work required to migrate to the new, simpler build system... and unearthed a few sticky bugs along the way. For example, Athena now supports running from jarred test plugins, as well as test plugin folders. (Yes, I'm amazed no one ever tested that use case before now either. Anyway, it works now.)

Doing these builds in parallel (rather than serially) may be a bad idea, but for now, it lets the Q,V,T developers build all three linked components via a single build button, and if the sources for any of the three changes, all three will be rebuilt and tests will be run.

Since Transaction depends on Query and Validation, this is certainly useful; however, Query and Validation do not depend on each other, so there may be some extraneous build churn with this set up.

Still, it's nice to see a the status of all three builds in one place:

What's next? Well, hooking up FindBugs, eliminating all the old SDK/runtime zips (because we have the new, shiny, p2 update site zip instead, and you can convert from repo to "runnable" SDK easily using this script), and figuring out how to make the builds use each others' newer binary output instead of building from a known entity (Query 1.4.0.N.ten.minutes.ago vs. 1.3.0.R.last.month). Luckily, Athena supports building against p2 repos and Hudson has APIs for fetching the latest good output, so this should be as simple as configuring the Transaction build to fetch from the latest successful Query zip using properties like these:


Of course if you want to build against the latest PUBLISHED update, you could do this: