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Hudson & Virtual Box: Creating a common share with SSHFS

I've been working a recently with my own Hudson server, setting up Fedora and OpenSolaris images as slave nodes to prototype new ways to build. Tonight I found a very handy trick for mounting shared drives using SSHFS. Kudos to the man page writers -- all the tips I found via Google were outdated or just plain wrong. man sshfs to the rescue!

Step 1: create a folder on the Hudson master / Virtual Box host with files you want to share, eg., /shared

Step 2: create an empty folder on each Hudson slave / Virtual Box guest as a mount point for the shared folder, eg., /shared

Step 3: on the guest, install sshfs, eg., sudo yum install fuse-sshfs.

Step 4: mount the share: sshfs /shared

Of course you'll probably want to set up ssh keys and add this to your startup scripts so that the mount happens automatically when the guest is launched, but I'll leave that for next time.