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No Sleep 'Till EclipseCon

In case you haven't already heard, Andrew Niefer, Andrew Overholt and I are presenting a 4-hour tutorial on Monday @ EclipseCon next week, entitled Hands-On: Using the new Common Builder for Push-Button PDE Builds. It gets under way @ 8am in room 201.

With much left to do, there will be...

(chorus) No sleep 'til - EclipseCon!

Hands on the keys - never ever false metal
Servers running hotter than a boiling kettle
My job's ain't a job - it's a damn good time
City to city - I'm a'runnin' my rhymes
On location - touring around the nation
PDE: tuned into that station

Itchy trigger finger bringin' Athena to the table
I do what I do best because I'm willing and able
Ain't no faking - no money I'm taking
Going coast to coast - watching all the projects shaking
While you're at the job working nine to five
The build server's up all night, cold kickin' it live

(bridge) No sleep 'til -

Another feature, 'nother plugin
Another bug - away we're sluggin'
Another green - another light
Another up all night

We must be crazy - doin' this for free
Working from home staying up past 3
With peeps 'round the world - you rock around the clock
No funds to commute, or we'd be in hock
We're thrashing gigabytes like they're going out of style
Getting paid along the way cause it's worth your while

I work from home, Andrew O bikes to work
M.C.A.'s not here much cuz he lives in Ottawa
We got servers in T.O., Ottawa and Portland
Testin' and testin' and codin' by hand

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)

Ain't seen the light since we started this gig
M.C.A. - get on the mic my man

Work for Big Blue up in Outaouais
They call me Discodan - but I'm M.C.A
Like a lemon to a lime - a lime to a lemon
Work on PDE, and it's always improvin'

Got linux, ant-contrib, and Hudson
Show you how to build and have some fun
Step off homes - get out of my way
Gotta catch a flight from here to L.A.

Waking up before I get to sleep
Cause we'll be rocking EclipseCon in eight days: next week!

We're speaking at EclipseCon 2009

No sleep till EclipseCon ....
No sleep till EclipseCon ...
No sleep till EclipseCon ...
No sleep till EclipseCon ...
No sleep till EclipseCon ...

Beastie Boys - No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn


Eric Rizzo said...

Classic! Nice one, Nick! I've been waiting for one of your lyrical spoofs that I actually knew the tune well enough to sing along to - NOW I can meet death, whenever it comes, with satisfaction.

Denis Roy said...

This was awesome. I think my hair grew an inch or two just listening to this song.

If there's anything I can do to help for the tutorial, please let me know.