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EclipseCon '09: Dash Athena Common Builder Workshop: Post Mortem

On behalf of myself, Andrew Overholt and Andrew Niefer, thanks to everyone who attended our workshop on the new Dash Athena common builder.

Looks like the feedback was favourable...

(more stats here)

However, +1 doesn't tell us anything about how we can improve, what you liked, or what could have been done differently. If you have specific feedback, we'd love to hear it. Please post it on the EclipseCon site, or here.

If you missed the talk but want to try this at home, the updated slides and exercises are posted here.

And if you're a project at and want to start using the common builder, there are three ways to do so:

On your local machine / vserver

This scenario is covered in the workshop - try the exercises for setting up GEF and Linux Tools, then create your own .releng project and try your own build. Additional information on vserver setup can be seen here: Fedora, WinXP, MacOSX.

On headlessly

ssh to using your committerid (same password as for CVS access). If you can't log in, open a bug and ask for a full login shell. Once there, you can run a build using /opt/public/cbi/build/scripts/ Run the script without options to learn how it works, and see the examples. If anyone has a problem starting up from scratch, let me know and I'll flesh out some docs in the wiki.

On via Hudson

For the moment, you need to be added to the callisto-dev group before you can use Hudson. Open a bug and ask for access. Any other questions, comments, suggestions... file a bug, post a comment, or find us on IRC.