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PDT News

Some quick announcements about the PHP Dev Tools project:

  • PDT 2.0 now has all-in-one builds, which include all the requirements you need to get started w/ PDT for Linux, Mac, and Windows (all 32-bit). If you're on another platform, you can grab the Eclipse 3.4.1 Platform, or perhaps the Ganymede SR1 JEE bundle, and then add an update site. More...

  • PDT 2.0RC2 is available, with RC3 this week and GA next week.

  • Then, starting in 2009, PDT 2.1 will be on the Galileo release train. Note that as this will be an extra-short cycle (that is, one half the usual length) this release may not include any massive new features. Stay tuned -- the PDT 2.1 plan has not yet been published (because PDT 2.0 isn't out yet, of course).

  • Interested in seeing a PHP Developer package, along with the C/C++ and Java ones? Vote for bug 238960.

  • While so far rather quiet, there's a new #pdt IRC channel. Bear in mind these things take a while to get going, but they do grow in time. #eclipse-modeling is a perfect example. C'mon by and have a chat.


David Carver said...

To quote Homer Simpson: Woo HOO! Now I can send all the pdt questions over to the new channel.