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EclipseCon 2009 T-shirt Design Contest, Part 3: Fugly Tees

Have you submitted anything for the EclipseCon Committer Shirt Contest yet? If not a graphic design, how about a conceptual one? Describe your idea, and maybe someone else will attempt to render it.

A fashion faux-pas frusta-ration
Combined with lack of motivation
And a loss of concentration
I've seen some fugly tees*

I can't concentrate on work
My wardrobe has gone berserk
Now I'm sweating 'bout this shirt
Another fugly tee*?!?

Two years ago
I said you'd never clothe me
I gave you to Goodwill
Now in this world of feckless logowear
Why do good brands have to go astray
And leave you with nothing
Ya, you left me with nothing
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
But a fugly tee*
wee ooo wee ooo

Hyper technical sessions
And some great hands-on lessons
All a'mashin' and a'meshin'
March in Californi-ee
I don't wanna go to sleep
Bags of Fritos by my feet
Writin' code, pining for heat
Please no fugly tees!

(Minnie Mae)
Why did you have to put
so much pressure on me?
I have no GIMPin' skills**

I didn't mean to scare you little one
Is there nothing I can say?
It's really not that hard
Ya please lower your guard
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
And submit some tees
wee ooo wee ooo

Now I'm standing in the snow
Moisture soaking through my shoe
Every droplet causing woe
Reminding me I have to go...

Time to take a break from work
Holiday shoppers gone berserk
I've now only got one care
We need something else to wear!


Prozzak - Strange Disease

* - Admittedly, past years' EclipseCon Committer Shirts have been long sleeves, not t-shirts (tees). However, "fugly shirts" (or worse, "fug'long sleeves") doesn't work as well lyrically. Please excuse this creative license.

** - You can get GIMP for Windows and Mac, too, not just Linux.


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