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My love-hate with SVN, Part 2

The love-hate continues...

  1. Show History operation failed
    *** Show History
    svn: Retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported by ''
    *** Error (took 00:00.743)
    *** Show History
    svn: Retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported by ''
    *** Error (took 00:00.795)

    This is particularly fun because the error comes up twice, and keeps coming up as long as you have the History view shown. Solution? Time to switch back to Subclipse? No, I tried that, and despite adding -Djava.library.path=/usr/share/java to my Eclipse startup, I still can't use Subclipse anymore.

Oh, well... there's always kdesvn:


Antoine Toulmé said...

From my own experience: never use a SVN client in Eclipse, use the command line. And, if you feel like experimenting, try git-svn ?

Mark Phippard said...

You have not exactly given us a chance to help you with your Subclipse issues. Does the JavaHL library exist in the folder you pointed to? Do the preferences say "Not available"?

I still cannot see why your SVNKit option would not work. There is no reason SVNKit should work in Subversive and not Subclipse. SVNKit just released a 1.2.1 version of their plug-in. Might be worth installing that with Subclipse. I think somehow an old version of their JAR is being loaded by your Eclipse and not the one in their plugin. Do you have their JAR installed in your Java extensions folder or something?

Finally, as to your History error, Subclipse does not have this problem, but I know the cause. Your history view is setup to "Show Merged Revisions". I would assume that Subversive exposes this as an option in the UI that you can turn off. That is what we do in Subclipse. Anyway, we also catch that exception when talking to older Subversion servers and just make the request again without asking for the merged revisions. If you have not already filed a bug report with Subversive you probably should.

Mark Phippard said... was upgraded this week and we now have a wiki we can use, so I have moved the JavaHL settings to the Subclipse wiki. See:

I have added a new troubleshooting section to the end. You should take a look at it. You might be running into the problem I describe where the eclipse.ini settings do not get used.