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Rare meat

Lunch. Decided I was in the mood for a burger. Unfortunately, about a minute after I dropped the frozen patty on the grill, I ran out of propane. Strangely, though, I didn't care -- I just pulled it off and ate it, raw, pink, and slightly bloody. I've always like my steak rare, but this is a little off, even for me. Still, it was the best burger I've had in ages.

After lunch I decided I should go get some more propane for the barbecue, so I headed over to the U-Haul store nearby. I must be looking haggard today, as the tank guy looked at me funny at first, and asked what I was planning to eat. Confused, I said something about steaks on the weekend.

Because the tank was filling really slowly, I decided to head into the U-Haul office to pay. As I started walking away, he urgently called me back and said the tank was done. He asked, hesitantly, if I was paying with Debit. I said I could, if he wanted, again unsure what he was getting at. He suggested cash, and when I said sure he seemed visibly relieved, as if the idea of me in the office was abhorrent. Or maybe the Interac network's down today. Who knows. I paid, and he took off at a not-too-subtle pace into the office, looking back once to make sure I was leaving in the opposite direction. Must be the heat, or maybe I'm just slow today.