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Force Chrome to use hardware acceleration (performance enhancement under virtual box 6)

Moving to Fedora 31 on Virtual Box 6.1

Last week I got a new Thinkpad T490s, and to celebrate I grabbed the latest Windows 10 Pro updates, installed Virtual Box 6.1, and set up a new Fedora 31 VM

Everything was pretty smooth right out of the box but for two problems:

1. guest OS in Seamless mode slides UNDER Window's taskbar.
2. Chrome 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) performance was insanely sluggish and unusable inside the VM.

Still working on a fix for the first one, other than to hide the Windows taskbar when working on a single screen, and to assign my VM's xfce4-panel to run on a different pimary monitor by default than Windows' primary monitor (so they don't overlap). 

But for the second issue, I found this solution - forcing my VM's Chrome to use hardware acceleration, by turning on a setting under chrome://flags:

And like that, voom. Chrome is responsive and useable again!