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Configuring CodeReady Workspaces 2.0 w/ Microsoft Active Directory user authentication

To use Microsoft Active Directory logins with CodeReady Workspaces, first deploy
it to your OpenShift cluster. For Workspaces 2.0, OCP 4.2 is recommended (4.1
and 3.11 are also supported).

Once your deployment is started, sign in using the RH SSO:

Select the “User Federation”:

Select “LDAP” for the external source:

Fill out the LDAP mandatory information and save it (DO NOT sync the users yet).

The value of Username LDAP attribute should match the value used below for LDAP Attribute.

Once saved, go the mapper:

In the list of LDAP attributes, remap the following two attributes:

Set LDAP attribute to “sAMAccountName”, to match the value set above for Username LDAP attribute:
Save your changes.

Next, update the email mapper if needed (eg., set LDAP Attribute to “userPrincipalName” to store the user's email address:

Again, save your changes.

Go back to the “setting” tab to sync users:

That's it! Now you can use Active Directory user logins in CodeReady Workspaces 2.