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And Don't It Make Your Blue Eyes Red

Today I resigned from IBM to join Red Hat Canada as their new Productization Lead for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, working with Max R Andersen, Rodney Russ, and Andrew Overholt. Yet more release engineering? Oh, hells yeah.

So, because it's been nine great years, and because I'm a mathie from way back, I'd like to present...

IBM By The Numbers

  • Number of Jobs Within IBM: 3
  • Number of Thinkpads Used: 4 (770, T23, T40, T60p)
  • Versions of Desktop Windows Used: 3 (NT4, 2K, XP)
  • Versions of Desktop Windows Anti-Virus & Firewall Software Used: 6
  • Versions of Desktop Linux Used: 3 (MEPIS 3.x, MEPIS 6, AntiX 7)
  • Versions of Desktop Linux Anti-Virus & Firewall Software Used: 0 (suck it, Windows!)

  • Memorable Website Launches While at IBM Global Services: 7+
  • Memorable Applications Built While at 7+
  • Memorable Open Source Software Releases While at IBM Rational: 30 in 5 years (EMF 2.0-2.4 = 5, UML2 1.0-2.1 = 4, OCL & EMF-QTV 1.0-1.2 = 12, JET 0.7-0.9 = 3, EODM 0.7-0.9 = 3, GEF 3.3.2-3.4 = 2, GMF 2.1 = 1)

  • Supported Modeling Builds in 1Q2004: 1 (EMF)
  • Supported Modeling Builds in 4Q2008: 22 (EMF x 7, EMFT x 5, MDT x 3, M2T x 3, M2M x 2, GMF x 1, TMF x 1)
  • Other Builds in 4Q2008: 3 (GEF, PDT)

  • Number of Eclipse Project Committerships in 1Q2004: 3 (EMF, SDO, XSD)
  • Number of Eclipse Project Committerships in 4Q2008: 25 (EMF x 8, EMFT x 6, MDT x 5, M2T, M2M, GMF, GEF, SOC, Dash)
    (Note: some projects define releng committership separately from project committership.)

And now, to get the other side of the brain fired up, I leave you with my version of...

Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Another build will bend and break
(But it's an easy fix, these things)
Automate, yeah let the crontab roll
In case ya don't wanna show
(Let the crontab roll, let the crontab roll)

And I want these words to make things right
Avoid any wrongs, and keep Modeling alive
Empower EMF
So after a brief break,
Gonna put my fingers back to the keys

Nine years, one helluva time
Thanks for the memories
Thick and thin, they've been so great
Workin' for the Big Blue leader

Nine years, yeah and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
With two woof'rs who needs a tweeter? Ohhh!

Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
Must be the late nights
It's always cloudy except for (except for)
When you look into the past (look into the past)
Nine whole years. (Nine whole years, now!)

Three jobs within Big Blue
Thanks for the memories
Websites, apps and FOSS
Wonder what became of Peter?

Nine years, yeah one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
O'en source always tastes a bit sweeter

(They say) I only think in the form of crunching numbers
Up late at night, exploring six-gig log files
Goin' out of my mind
Runnin' out of disk space
I'm a line away
From getting it all to work! Woo!

(In) AD 2101
Captain say 'what happen ?'
Operator: 'we get signal'
Mech: 'Someone set us up the bomb.'

Main screen turn on. It's you !!
How are you gentlemen !!
No chance, yeah make your time
You, are on the way to destruction. Ohhh!

Nine years, it's been a slice (had a blast, one more time)
Thanks for the memories
Addicted to Eclipse now (can't get enough Eclipse now)
But what still sucks? That'd be features!

Nine years, yeah and one more time (been great years, one more time)
Thanks for the memories (for the memories)
Thanks for the memories (for the memories)
Time on Sprockets to dance vith Dieter! Ohhh!


Unknown said...

So good......

Bernd Kolb said...

Hi Nick,


I wish you all the best for your new job :-)

Not many people working on EMF are still with EMF these days.....



Aaratron said...

Your one of the best.

Looking into my crystal balls I see a bright, happy and prosperous future for you.


Ian Bull said...

Congratulations Nick!!! You are one of the best!

good luck with RedHat. Can i still ping you Debian questions? :-)

Darin Swanson said...

Enjoy your new adventure.

Please, every once in a while, privilege us with a melody :-)

nickb said...

@Ian: yes, I'm still running xubuntu at home.

@Darin: any requests?

Kim Moir said...

Good luck and congratulations Nick! I'm sure you will do great things with their build process.

David Carver said...

Congrats, Nick! Good luck at Red Hat!

Denis Roy said...

Congrats, Nick!

John Graham said...

Hey Nick,

Welcome -- see you around JBoss ;)

Karl Matthias said...

Congrats, Nick! Hope we'll still see you around!