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The New 500% Better

Congrats, Rogers! Your new site fails to work even better than the previous one! That's quite an achievement!

I can't sign in, I can't go to 'Online Self Service', I can't recover my username or password, and I can't even register. It's as if is completely broken, and that's a pretty impressive accomplishment! And it's not just in one browser, either - it's in Konqueror, Flock and Firefox, on two different machines (one ubuntu, the other debian). I'd check in Windows w/ IE, but let's be real. This isn't a browser issue.

Kudos, Rogers. Keep up the great work!


no name said... website hardly works for me either and I have only online billing. I think monkeys are responsible for maintaining the site. Even phoning customer service is useless, they only say stupid things like "oh, the server goes offline at night, or there must be a lot of people on right now, try again in the morning!" They sure want your money though! Crappy crappy service all around.