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Customer Service Apathy, Part 3: Closure

(con't from Part 2)

That evening, I got a call from Rob, of Double G, who apologized profusely for the snafu, explained this sort of thing was rare, and told me a forensic investigation was in progress to figure out how it was possible that so many people had dropped the ball here.

He then assured me that a carpenter would be out next week to close the gaping hole in the side of my house where my old meter had been.

On Sunday, a full 12 days later, I began this email thread:

When we spoke on Tuesday, Sept 11, you assured me that someone from Double G would be out to my house to complete the construction of a box to weatherproof my new gas meter THIS WEEK (Sept 17-21). As this week has come and gone, I'm hoping you'll send someone out this coming week to finally build the box and complete the job that was started in July.

When might I expect a carpenter to arrive? And can you explain why one still hasn't been here? You assured me you'd make this right.

Thanks in advance,

I checked with the carpenter and he hasn’t had time yet to get to you. He assured me that he will get there this week. We only have one carpenter and depending on the work schedules there are some jobs where he has to work with the fitters at the same time in order to complete the work. Work like yours can be done at any time and therefore can get pushed to accommodate the work that must be scheduled. I will follow up with him later in the week to make sure it is done this week.

By way of explanation of the work, it is not a weatherproof box for the gas meter that is required. At your home, the gas meter was moved outside from the box that it was in, but since we did that work the box cover doesn’t necessarily fit since there is now piping in the way. The carpenter will come and put a proper cover over the box in your wall, but the meter will not be covered.

I will make sure it gets done this week.

As long as rain doesn't leak into my basement anymore, I'm fine with that solution.

Thanks for following up on this. Can you let me know what day your carpenter will come by (eg., the day before) ?

I’m not sure I follow….are you having a leak into the basement and are you sure it’s related to the meter box? Is it just since the box cover has been off? Oh wait…did Enbridge dig up around the meter set when they were there on the 10th? I know you weren’t there, but are there signs the ground was disturbed and is it since then that it has been leaking? If so then I’ll have to get them out to look at that part of it since we don’t do any of the underground work.

Let me know.

I never got the warning phone call / email, nor did I have a chance to email back an explanation about the water leakage. This morning I was rudely awakened to the sounds of power tools (and very loud barking as my dogs made sure I was awake for said power tools), but at least I finally have closure:

And to think it's only been 4-1/2 months since I received the initial letter from Enbridge. What a gas.