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Choose. Choose wisely.

I live in Toronto. In a mostly Liberal neighbourhood. In the last few federal and provincial elections, my riding has gone red. (Note to US readers: Canadian political party colours are the reverse of those in the US. Living in a 'red state' isn't such a bad thing here. The red/blue colour coding is particularly true now that the Red Tories are all but gone, replaced by the not-so-Progressive Conservatives.)

So it always amuses and disappoints me that the ever-rebranding Conservative party, currently not favoured in Ontario (much less Toronto) because of at least three major pain points (Mike Harris, Ernie Eves and the "Right Honourable" Stephen Harper) with arguably the smallest chance of winning... is the first to put up lawn signs and spend the money Granted to them by their various supporters. This sign is just down the street from me; out walking my dogs this afternoon I saw at least a half-dozen others.

Meanwhile, the Liberal candidate this time around is apparently the Best one for the job.

(I have no clever pun for NDPer Neethan Shan, and will spare you a joke about what's cooking in the Greens' Kitchen this year. A hint: it's not good web design or a consistent message.)

Anyway, whatever your colour preference or party favour, get out there and vote. And be sure to read up on what this year's electoral process referendum could mean in your area.