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Performance tuning the Linux lappy

Some do's and don'ts for performance tuning (disk, battery, swap) your Thinkpad with ubuntu/debian:

DO use a swap partition.

/dev/sda3 swap swap sw,pri=1 0 0

DO replace apmd with powersaved, and install kpowersave. This gives you a system tray icon for configuring cpu behaviour (throttling when running on battery), and a way to suspend to RAM ("sleep mode"). Now I just need to figure out how to map that to my Fn-F4 key.

DON'T mount your /tmp folder using tmpfs, unless you want to see the machine crash. It's not as fun as a BSOD, but it's a much bigger pain to recover from. You could also have a dedicated partition for /tmp if you want to restrict it to a given maximum size.