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Deploying Che 7 to Minishift with chectl

With the Che 7 just around the corner, and the realisation that I miss writing, I've decided to resurrect this blog from the dead and start a series of Che 7 tips. 

First up, the handful of steps required to get Che 7 running on Minishift 1.34 (OKD 3.11).


Deploying Che 7 to Minishift with chectl


You need the latest Minishift and chectl releases.
Fetch them like this (or similar):
cd ~/bin
curl -sSL -o chectl
chmod +x chectl
cd /tmp
curl -sSL -o minishift.tgz
tar xvzf minishift.tgz
mv minishift*/minishift ~/bin/
chmod +x ~/bin/minishift


  1. Start up minishift.
  2. Log in once startup is complete. NOTE: you need cluster admin priviledges.
    oc login 192.168.MY.IP:8433 -u system -p admin
  3. To watch the events and see which images are pulled, see this document.
  4. Deploy Che to minishift:
    chectl server:start -a minishift-addon -p minishift
  5. Fix the plugin registry URL to use the latest version:
    oc set env dc/che CHE_WORKSPACE_PLUGIN__REGISTRY__URL=
    You can open the console for the che deployment to verify your change has been applied:
    • https://192.168.YOUR.IP:8443/console/project/che/edit/dc/che
    You should see:
  6. Wait for redeployment to complete.
  7. Once running, you can see your Che instance here:
  8. If you then add a new workspace, you can see even more images pulled in the openshift event log.