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Jelly Bean Keyboard - Cursor Keys

Ever wanted to add cursor movement keys to your text messaging experience? The Jelly Bean Keyboard includes this option, but it's somewhat hidden. Here's how to find and enable it.

First, download the app from the Google Play Store:

Next, go into the settings applet, then find "Languages and input".

Now look for Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 you installed earlier from the Play Store, and tap the gear icon next to that to enter settings for the keyboard.

Here's the confusing / hidden setting part. Across the top, there's a "Standard Settings" bar, and under that is stuff like Auto-capitalization, Vibrate on keypress, Sound on keypress.

To the RIGHT of "Standard Settings" is a "JBK 4.3 settings" item, which you can access by swiping from the right to the left.

Now scroll down until you see "Key layouts". Below that are options for keyboard layouts when you're in landscape or portrait orientation. Next is an option for "Show arrows" which you can set to Never, Portrait, Landscape, or Both.

The result? This: