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Dash Athena News, Oct 2009

Have you heard the latest? Here's what's been going on in the Dash Athena project lately.

Infrastructure Changes

  • There are now 43 Athena jobs on! Of those, 30 are green, 1 is yellow, and 6 have not yet been enabled. These jobs represent 29 different projects' builds! 6 of them use SVN sources instead of CVS.

  • bug 257074 comment 12 now has SVN 1.6.5; if your map files no longer work (your build complains it can't resolve plugin or features sources) then read this.

New Features

  • bug 291446 Provide hook for extra actions after fetching code from repo and before compiling it (e.g. code generation, parser generators, etc.)

  • bug 275529 Athena is now a full Project rather than a Component! Now if we could just get someone to design a logo... Do I need to offer up prizes? I will, if you comment on bug 272723 with some design ideas (or prize ideas).

Better Documentation

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