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Behaviour Modification

Dave Carver's been talking a lot about Scrum, XP, and the EDP and where the suck is.

His latest post contains "in Pictures" in the title, but contains no pictures. So, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, here's one:

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David Carver said...

Yeah, I should change the title. :)

I started to put pictures. Hit submit too soon. :)

Wayne said...

This may seem a touch pedantic, but David's been talking about the Eclipse Project's Development Process (EPDP), not the Eclipse Development Process (EDP). The EDP does not describe any part of the day-to-day development process.

I'm hoping that we can evolve David's work into something that the Architecture Council can recommend projects consider adopting.

FWIW, I love Basic Instructions. Your hide will make a fine poncho...