Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change



Once a season, and only once a season, this question comes up. For the first time, however, it's finally been sparked by someone in the Southern Hemisphere, lending credence to the idea that "Fall" and "Winter" are too North-centric. The tabled replacement is:

Ganymede September Maintenance Release &
Ganymede February Maintenance Release

Here are my suggestions for how we could name the annual coordinated releases:

  • Ganymede, Ganymede .1, Ganymede .2
  • Ganymede, Ganymede ][, Ganymede ]I[
  • Ganymede, Ganymede Refresh, Refresh 2
  • Ganymede 8.06, Ganymede 8.09, Ganymede 9.02
  • Ganymede, Ganymede Supper Car, Ganymede Caboose
  • Ganymede, Ganymede Mark Twain, Ganymede End Train (my fave!)

Can you think of a better way to name the trilogy? Cast your vote in bug 227767!