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Ding, Dong, Djangos is Dead

What a shame -- has closed its doors. They've supplied me with loads of music over the years, shipped from all over the US for very little money, all on time and without being screwed by the Can/US border bunch. Djangos, you'll be missed.

Seems only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever [1].


Anonymous said...


For years I looked to on-line Djangos for used CDs in excellent condition.

Found some very hard-to-find CDs there and every used CD bought looked like new.

They had a great system where you could keep a "want list" on-site and be notified by e-mail if that CD entered their stock.

They also had videos, new and used.

I recommended Djangos to many folks. They always treated me right.

Losing Djngos is a loss to all music listeners.

I wonder if more people knew about the Djangos site if they would still be in business?

Maybe the increase in down-loaded music hurt physical CD sales, causing Djangos to go out of business?

I tried used CD venues such as eBay but, all-too-often, despite the seller proclaiming the CD to be like new, it arrived UGLY, scratches abound and with some to the point the play-back had skips in the music.

It wasn't worth the hassel to ship the CD back. It was easier to just stop buying CDs on eBay.

Djangos, I will miss you. Maybe you will return or some other business entity will step in and offer high-quality used CDs on-line.

Jimbo said...

Yep, I'll miss them too. Have they told anyone what happened? I wonder if their network of suppliers/retail stores are still in business? Its too bad they don't tell us why on their goodbye page, or refer us to other friendly stores! Jim, Washington DC

nickb said...

Dropped them a line to ask that very question, and was told:

"It's kind of nice to know that we will be missed but it just makes me wish we could keep it going. It's no great secret why we closed. The site was no [longer] profitable and that had been an issue for some time."

Unknown said...

Ive been ordering from djangos since 2002, when I stumbled across an djangos store near Seattle. Items were perfect, sometimes it took very long for them to arrive (note: Im in Austria), but eventually they arrived. Like 3 times I didnt receive the CD/VHS i ordered and I either received refund or the item was shipped again, very uncomplicated.

I dont really know where I will now buy cheap new or used CDs, Ebay doesnt have rare to find CDs and if they do, only for a very high price.

Djangos, Ill miss you :-(

Unknown said...

Interesting that their online business wasn't profitable. I used to live in Portland, Oregon, and I bought posters and vinyl from their downtown Portland store starting about 22 years ago, and I've bought tons of CD's from them since. I have to wonder if they would have survived had they stuck with brick-and-mortar business instead of attempting to compete in the online market.

So, what alternatives have folks come up with? I agree that EBay is not a good way to buy used music because of the inherent risks and hassle of returns.

nickb said...

These days, I generally use or now also has an MP3 download site, which I'll be trying out one of these days...