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Patch & Buddy, Verminators

Another day, another dead raccoon. And two rather muddy dogs. I've lost count over the years, but I'm sure this has to be at least the 10th raccoon they've discouraged from knocking over trash and recycling bins in my neighbourhood. I've heard Toronto has the highest raccoon population of any large city in Canada, so it's a daunting task, but they do it with pride.

After a leap from the top of the bluff west of Livingston Rd., they proceeded to slide down the side of the bluff after a rather massive raccoon (wider than either of them), who as usual was no match for a pair of experienced Pointers. After a few minutes and a few yards of sliding though the mud, they were done. We walked home and they were bathed shortly thereafter. More photos here.


Anonymous said...

Can I borrow these two? I have an entire family of raccoons that will NOT leave my yard alone. This is, of course, not aided by the fact that the tenant doesn't understand garbage management, but they once tried to break into the house via the sliding door, which two burly raccoons were working on opening.
Hrumph. Never had this problem in the 'loo.

nickb said...

Ever since there was a post in the local Scarborough rag complaining about the City's policy toward raccoons (capture and release within a few kms of the capture site so they're back before breakfast) I've been thinking of starting a side business renting them out as verminators. If you'd like to have us drop by, I'm sure they'd be happy to patrol your backyard, but be forwarned: they don't do disposal, just waste.